The Delmont Public Library was started in 1934 by a small group of people who like to read. Over the next few years it moved from one small location to another until finally, in 1952, it was moved into a small building off East Pittsburgh Street by Delmont Avenue, the former voting location. This first established library location consisted of a grand total of 219 square feet.

In 1964 the Delmont Woman’s Club Library Committee took over running the library and at the same time started hunting for a larger space. After spending six years searching, in May 1970, the Delmont Public Library moved into the old Central Hotel building located at the corner of Greensburg Street and West Pittsburgh Street. With still not enough space,  in 1974, the library moved to the former Delmont Borough building on Freeport Street (now the location of the Delmont Salvation Army). The centrally located space was 450 square feet.

Having outgrown its home once more, in 1985 the library relocated to the recently closed Delmont Elementary School. Franklin Regional donated the building to the Delmont Borough and allowed for several borough agencies to move in. The Delmont Borough Council allotted two of the classrooms for the library and combined them into a whopping 2,749 square foot space on the first floor of the building. In 2004 the library moved to the basement of the same building which used to be used as the school cafeteria.

In November 2019, the library broke ground for the new 4,900 square foot, eco-friendly building. Unfortunately, due to wet weather and then the pandemic, construction did not start until May 2020. The building was completed in late 2020. The new library building officially opened on January 23, 2021 and boasts a community garden, large conference room, neighborhood porch, electric car charging site, and eco friendly modifications.

Despite its many homes, the Delmont Public Library has remained a beacon of the community. Bringing together people from all over the community to help us grow and enrich the lives of everyone in our neighborhood and surrounding areas. Throughout the years the library has remained committed to its Mission Statement:  To promote literacy, encourage learning and inspire creativity!