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Meet Emma!

Emma loves dinosaurs. Really, really loves dinosaurs. She had a dinosaur birthday party. Wants to be a paleontologist when she grows up. Brontosaurus is her favorite. And, yeah, she’s four years old.  Where did Emma learn so much about dinosaurs?  One place was from our exclusive-to-Delmont Backpack Adventure kits.

We think learning should be hands on. Read, feel, hear, see, and learn. Each backpack contains theme related books, a fun item such as a game, puppet, or learning activity. Included is a parent guide to expanding the learning in other ways. Over 80 of these are available.

Don’t let your learning become extinct – stop in today and check one out today.

The Backpack Adventure Kits are available for a two week loan.


Our goal continues to be to promote literacy for all ages, and to make knowledge accessible for everyone.