Featured Author: Toni Morrison



“Morrison’s writings concentrate on rural Afro-American communities and their cultural inheritance, which she explores with cold-blooded detail and vivid vocabulary. Her intricate writing style does not just tell the reader about issues concerning African Americans; instead she shows them.” Good Reads


Staff Picks – Recommended by Ann, DPL Assistant Director:


A Woman is No Man by Etaf Rum: Deya, a teen caught between her Palestinian family’s traditions and American freedoms, uncovers the devastating mystery of her parents’ deaths while dodging marriage suitors and seeking an education. The transforming power of books & reading is woven into every chapter. Readers who liked the memoir Educated will find familiar themes in this novel. Adventurous eaters will find themselves craving baklava & falafel.





Frying Plantain by Zalika Reid-Benta
Readers looking for a different view of the black experience may want to dip into this story collection. Canadian-born to a Jamaican family, Kara finds herself somewhat at home in both worlds, but is never quite sure where she fits into either. Complicating her confusion is her own drive and her mother’s ambition, which are at odds with the typical teens she encounters. The stories can stand alone, but are linked enough to provide a novel-like experience when read straight through.




142 Ostriches by April Dávila
On an ostrich ranch in the rural California desert, Tallulah and her grandmother tend a flock of 142 gigantic birds. Tallulah wants out, but her grandmother’s sudden death threatens her plans. Reading at times like a modern re-telling of the biblical
Book of Job, enough crises befall Tallulah to create a tragedy and even to strain credulity. With its spare, beautiful setting, comfortable pace, and relatable emotions, it manages to be a heartwarming family story. Sensitive readers should be aware there is some profanity.